Transposafe Sealbag® Jumpo Opaque

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The Jumbo Sealbag security envelope is a tamper-proof envelope that prevents theft, fraud and disputes. The Sealbag has an integrated seal so that it is not possible to access the contents without it being clearly visible. The Jumbo Sealbag is used for sealing 15 kg coins, files, clothing, footwear, equipment, etc.

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The Transposafe Sealbag security envelope is a high-quality security envelope that prevents fraud, theft and disputes. The users of our Sealbag praise its ease of use and flexibility. The result is a well-balanced efficient procedure.

The integrated seal of the Sealbag in combination with the unique security printing on the film protects the content of the envelope and ensures that the recipient can check the Sealbag quickly and easily upon receipt. Unauthorised opening (fraud and/or tampering) of the Sealbag is immediately visible. The Sealbag is provided with unique consecutively numbered receipt slips which enable you to organise your administrative procedures and registration flexibly and efficiently.

This Jumbo Sealbag is the solution for securely sealing, among others:

- Confidential files
- Laptops
- Archive folders
- 15 kg coins
- Clothes
- Personal property

This Transposafe Sealbag is also available in a small, a medium and a large version (transparent and opaque).

If you want personal advice about our high-quality Sealbags, please feel free to contact our specialists (+44 (0) 129 522 6698), they will be happy to advise you.

More Information
Material Plastic
Material Opaque coex polyethylene
Format 395 x450 mm + 80 mm handle + 2 reception strips
Thickness 80 micron
Print Printed in 5 languages (English, French, German, Dutch and Polish)
Barcode Code 128
Numbering Uniquely numbered / 3 numbers (2 on receipt strips), 1 op Sealbag)
Delivery time Two weeks delivery time

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